Iva Bittova / Pavel Fajt

1. Na Tele Plast
2a. Trifonov
2b. Sehen Sie Mich An
3. Big Beat
4. Strom
5. Smich
6. Svatba
7. Franzouskà
8. Ptàk
9. Psi
10. No prete foc
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rere 117 - CD, LP 1991 (1988) - 36'22"

With voice, violin and percussion, this duo produces music with a thrilling intensity, suspense and drama. The musical basis is a mixture of the duo's interpretation of slovakian and romanian folk music, jazz and classical. They play with a freshness and enthusiasm that leaves the listener breathless.

Iva Bittova voice, violin
Pavel Fajt drums, special metals

„... this is exceptionaly inventive engaging and expressive music: quirky, fragmented and powerful, brilliant gibberish and sung vocals from Iva, spectacular rhythmic and solo violin, plus amply dynamic and wide ranging percussives from Pavel. The music is a kind of strange contortion of rock, jazz and Slovenian (possibly) folk music, pepped up with lots of energy and creative abandon." (Alan Freeman, Audion)

„With only voice, violin and percussion and without any technological rubbish they create a music full of intensity, gripping and in its dramatic moments similar to the former Art Bears. keep your eyes open..." (Thomas Mauch, Schwäbische Zeitung)