Shelley Hirsch/ David Weinstein

1. Power Muzak
2. Crazy Situation
3. Haiku Lingo
4. R-Mania
5. Circus With Harry
6. Drink Me
rere 139 - CD 1989 - 48'45"

"Haiku Lingo" is constructed as a narrative musical labyrinth of characters, styles, orchestrations, texts and juxtapositions. The work makes use of Hirsch's vocal power and flexibility, humor and imaginative language together with Weinstein's chameleon-powered sampling keyboards and electronics. Hirsch/Weinstein have collaborated regularly since 1985 including staged works "Occidental Dreams Of A Geisha" and "Celebration Of The Obvious", the kaleidoscopic "Power Muzak" and many songs, story pieces and group projects.

Shelley Hirsch vocals
David Weinstein sampling & electronic keyboards

"One of New York's most delightful experimental singers, Shelley Hirsch brings an impressive stylistic versatility to her explorations of the human voice. Ms. Hirsch ... portrays all vocal styles - from pure operatic warbling to hard, twangy country singing - as related colors on a continuous vocal spectrum. Abstract vocal excursions in an invented language fade in and out of recognizable of popular songs in captivating stream-of-consciousness journeys." (New York Times)

"Shelley Hirsch sings a kaleidoscope to David Weinstein's tape wizardry in "Power Muzak". Power it is - like hearing every kind of music one could imagine folded into musical pastry. Hirsch's mouth is a fountain of sonic mercury." (EAR Magazine)