Etron Fou Leloublan

1. Lavès à la machine
2. Tous le poussent
3. Hors de son monde
4. Paris 65
5. Sous les draps
6. Comment choisir son infirmière
7. Gifle Hubert
8. Blanc
9. Binet d'eau froide
10. Plus rien ne nous retient dans ce pays
11. Mon petit chorus
rere 62 - LP 1985

" The french representatives of Rock in Opposition 1985 at their creative high point. Stubborn 'Rock chansons', minimalistic and disciplined; coolly conceived, sparsely orchestrated. Under this lid, however, the emotions are bubbling and, with the consequence of kammer music, a small but perpetual amusement park melody finds a hiding place. Etron Fou knows the quadrature of a circle. They are rude and say it with charm. It is the chanson equivalent to cool jazz. Fred Frith produces and helps out musically. And in the last title,' Mon petit chorus' , one hears the already anticipated Stereolab." ( Thomas Mauch, 1998)

Ferdinand Richard bass, vocals
Jo Thirion organ,piano,vocals
Guigou Chenevier drums,saxophone,vocals
Fred Frith violin on 4 & 8