Un Drame Musical Instantane

1. Comedia Dell' Amore
2. Nos Amis Les Hommes 524
3. Eduquons, Edquons Toujours,
Eduquons Partout 530
4. La Logique Du Profit 410
5. Nos Amis Les Hommes 412
6. Les Distances Du Vide 611
7. Urgent Meeting 531
8. La Logique Du Profit 612
9. Eduquons, Eduquons Toujours,
Eduquons Partout 328
10. Comedia Dell' Amore 329
11. Pour Garder L'Adn En Etat 314
12. Les Distances Du Vide 409
nml/GRRR 2018 - CD 1991 71'

Un Drame Musical Instantane was found in 1976 with the view that contemporary music must open itself to a broader public to survive the heavy-weight of the other mediums. Everything caught in the trawling net of the culturel industry could be a building block for a new piece. Everyday life, its soundworld, its language, its absurdities, become the material for Un Drame’s image and sound collages: they transform radio sounds, supermarket advertising, muzak, snippets of dialogue from fictitious texts and the noise of Paris into pieces of music.

Jean-Jaques Birgè synths, vocals, birds, sampling, rattle, breathing, jew harp, inanga, toys
Bernard Vitet flugel horn, trumpet & multishifted trumpet, piano,flute, vocals, crossbow, breathing, reed trumpet, charivari, bass flute
Francis Gorgè synths, guitar, sampling, breathing, percussion

with guests: Colette Magny, Genevieve Cabannes, Michele Buirette, Dominique Fonfrede, Laura Seaton, Mary Wooten, Francois Tusques, Michel Godard, Yves Robert, Gerard Siracusa, Raymond Boni, Louis Sclavis, Youenn Berre, Denis Colin, Jean Querlier, Vinko Globokar, Pablo Cueco, Didier Malherbe, Michael Riessler

„The music ranges between a sort of chamber jazz and improvised weird-outs, all inventive but not always successful. Unfortunataly, it’s the kind of thing you either hate or love, but if you enjoy this type of music, this is well-performed, diverse selection." (Electric Shock Treatment)

„Is this Rock, New Music, Chanson, Jazz - or all of these ?" (Martin Büsser, ZAP)