Alien Cakes 1 - 20
nml 9420 CD 1994 5'46"


Anna Homler vocal, toyinstruments, found objects
Axel Otto toys, zither, wildlockrufe, plastic, metal & wood, tapes, vocal
Frank Schulte synthesizer, sampler, tapes & records, electronic effects, vocal

The music of SUGARCONNECTION is best described as the attempt to separate bits of noise out of a context of often beautiful melodies. The concentration on the aesthetics of these bits and pieces as well as the humorous, ironic treatment of sound material preserves the music from drifting away into some „Kitsch" or sentimental mood. Insteat, the close listener will discover some of the finest musical stuff, located maybe in the area between more pop music and free improvising.

"... is a guarentee for a mixture which makes rare listening. Frank Schulte provides a furious foundation of beats, samples, rhythms and sounds which Otto congenially decorates- he fills the joints and thus provides the putty which holds the whole thing together. Anna Homler’s voice indicates the direction in which the journey is moving - this trio, a hybred of improvised music and moments of pop experiments from the realm of ambient music is a stylistic success. (Jochen Kleinhenz, Testcard 1)