Island Of Sanity

nml 8707 -CD 1987


1. David Linton Lumbago
  D.Linton: drums,triggered synths,samples,tapes
2. Mofungo Slimeball Necktie
  Willie Klein: acc. guitar, Robert Sietsema: bass
Chris Nelson: drums,voice, Elliott Sharp:fretless guitar,Mirage
3. Christian Marclay 1930
  Christian Marclay: turntables
4. Fish & Roses Checkered Past
  Rick Brown: drums, Sue Garner: bass,vocals
Dave Sutter: keyboards, Chris Cochrane: guitar
5. Details At Eleven Music For Secretaries
  Lynn Culbertson: keyboards, Ken Heer: bass
David Humphries: alto sax,keyb., Katie O'Looney: drums
6. Skeleton Crew The Sparrow Song
  Fred Frith: voice, guitar, bass, drum; Tom Cora: cello ,bass, drum, blockhead;
Zeena Parkins: keyboard,voice,tomtom
7. Mark Dery Banging Khruschev's Shoe
  Dery: voice,synthesizers,bass,guitar; Anon: violin
8. Charles K. Noyes Mouse And Ermine
  Noyes: drums
9. Martin Bisi Kaw-Liga (Hank Williams) -- NOT ON CD
  Bisi: voice, drums, rattle; Sandra Seymour: pedal steel guitar ,voice;
Fred Frith: fiddle, guitar
10. Locus Solus Wrap Backwards And The Usual Snowflakes / Beda Fomm
  John Zorn with Christian Marclay & Peter Blegvad / Wayne Horvitz & Ikue Mori
11. The President Three Crows -- NOT ON CD
  Stu Cutler: guitar; David Hofstra: bass; Wayne Horvitz: keyboards;
Bobby Previte: drums; Doug Wieselman: sax
12.The Ordinaires She's A Rainbow (Jagger/Richards) -- NOT ON CD
  Kurt Hoffmann, Fritz Van Orden: saxophones; Angela Babin,
Joe Dizney: guitars; Sven Furberg: bass;
Jim Thomas: drums; Robin Casey, David Soldier: violins;
Peter Moffitt: cello,flute
13. David Fulton Border Patrol
  Fulton: guitar, Prophet 10, drum computer
14. David Garland The Golden Years
  Garland: voice, accordion, Farfisa organ, mandolin, jewharp, banjo-ukelele,
rebec ,percussion; Mark Abbott: synthesizer,voice
15. Bump Spies In Space / Beer In My Bed
  Ruth Peyser: guitar, voice; Mike Sapol: six string bass;
Jim Beaterman: drums,electronic percussion
16. Chris Vine Alignment
  Vine: Synclavier
17. Carbon Cormorant
  Bobby Previte: drums; Elliott Sharp: doubleneck guitar,bass,saxophones
18. Bosho Boy Yaca
  Yuval Gabay: percussion; Kumiko Kimoto: percussion, voice;
Samm Bennett: percussion; Hahn Rowe: guitar
19. The Scene Is Now Lullaby Stomp / Coole Pool
  Dick Shamp; Philip Dray; Jeff McGovern; Chris Nelson
20. H/M/D Runner
  Bill Horvitz: electric guitar; Butch Morris: cornet;
J.A. Deane: trombonelectronics,percussion
21. Toy Killers At Home (Robin Holcomp) -- NOT ON CD
  Mark Miller: drums, keyboards; C.K. Noyes: electric saw, timbales;
Ian Prior: vocal; Michael Beinhorn: keyboards,k.b. bass; Nicky Scopelitis: guitars
22. Robert Previte Requiem For Vincent
  Charlae Olaker: soprano; Mary Feinsinger: alto; Charles Varick: tenor;
Howard Rourke: bass

Produced & compiled by ELLIOTT SHARP

"Why another compilation ? You've probably heard Sceleton Crew and John Zorn's Locus Solus but not these cuts. And you almost certainly haven't heard the music of Bosho or Details At Eleven. Here are unreleased cuts from a variety of New York groups, some well-known, some unknown, that reflect the vitality and diversity of a scene known for its fierce individuality in the face of the rising trend towards repressive "normality" that characterizes contemporary American life. There are scattered islands in the bland whiteness of America where there are signs of musical life. This documents one of them." (Liner notes by Elliott Sharp/ 1987)

"A compilation showcasting NYC folks who are exploring the boundaries of music. Featured here are electronic experimentation, computer generated music, instrumental improv pieces, airy prog-rock, and a slew of unclassifiable madness. ... The tasteful cover art only serves to enhance this excellent documentation"
(Bill Chenn, Option)

"None of the traditional musical styles can be safe of eclecticistic robbery - neither European avantgarde traditions nor, naturally, the "American rubbish culture" - but the wilful stylistic mixtures on this album not only show the joy of deriding and unmasking the cliches of the "american dream" but also the developping of own musical means of expression." (Jazzthetik)