The Romans

1. Runway
2. Iron Cross
3. Tuned Out
4. Shorebreak
5. Birdbrain
6. Nazarene
7. Small World
8. Your Chance
9. (I'm So) Happy
10. Blob
11. Motu Tapu
12. Big Neck
13. What Gives? (Jan's Theme)
14. You Only Live Once
15. Wretched Son Of Satan

nml 8401 - LP 1984

"Like 'Camper von Beethoven' on a surfboard.More pop than the Gun Club, less respect for tradition than Green on Red.With a passion for euphoric melodies, from surf, psychedelia and a bit of country, the Romans(Los Angeles) patched together an exciting musical B movie." (Thomas Mauch, 1998)

Mikey Borens guitar,vocals
Pat Delaney saxophon
Juan Gomez guitar, bass, vocals
Keith Mitchell drums, vocals
Michael Uhlenkott bass, Farfisa organ ,vocals, accoustic guitar, Hammond Organ, piano

"In 1984, when this album was recorded, this form of crossover-humour was not yet common place let alone commercial. This is the story of a band that was payed little attention because they dared to be what was, at the time, not fashionable." (Martin Büsser, ZAP no. 69/1993)