Ne Zhdali
Rhinoceroses and other forms of life

1. Rhino I
2. Bossa II
3. Rhino III
4. Bossa I
5. Rhino V
6. Bossa V
7. Rhino II
8. Bossa IV
9. Rhino IV
10. Bossa III

nml 9927 - CD 1999 - 42:58

Re-release of the first Ne Zhdali long player, which had been out of stock for a couple of years. The long player was first published on vinyl by ADM and by AYAA as CD.

Leonid Soybelman guitar, lead vocals
Andrei Kulagin (aka Victor Bitlovsky) voice, objects
Vadim Veeremaa trumpet, alto horn, back vocals
Oleg Davidovitch trombone, guitar, bells, back vocals
Ilja Komarov bass, double bass
Vitaly Redchits drums, percussion
Avi Nedzvetsky steinbach piano