Ne Zhdali & The Billy Tipton
Memorial Saxophon Quartet

1. The 8th. Day
2. Uke
3. Argonauts (Pollo D'Oro)
4. Petunja
5. Wheel Of Fortune
6. Bulb
7. Stitch
8. Unexpected Arrivel
9. No Moon, No Sun
10. Kansas
11. Nothing Was Happen !
nml 9824 CD 1998 43'28"


Oleg Davidovitch bass, trombone
Vitaly Redchits drums
Leonid Soybelman guitar, vocal on 2,9
Vadim (Baguk) Veeremaa french horn, trumpet
Andrei (Bitty) Kulagin slide whistle, percussion,
vocal on 10, counting on 2
Amy Denio alto sax, back vocals, unreachable voice on 5,11
Maya Johnson tenor sax, back vocals
Jessica Lurie alto & tenor sax, back vocals
Barbara Marino baritone sax, snare-a-tone on 2,
drums on 5, back vocals chicken rap on 3

"....a true firework of sensually expressive, thoroughly dancable music, which avoids, by continually breaking up rhythmic patterns and breaking out into realms of free improvisation, becoming a dull party plod „ (Rigobert Dittmann, Bad Alchemy No. 32)

"Ne Zhdali’s anarchic mixture of punk, jazz & folk elements gets along very well with the jazzy repetitive phrases of the female sax quartet - ‘Pollo D’oro’ is far more than a relaxed jam session -nb- both bands in great form, a beautiful and easy-to-approach album has emerged. (Ronald Hartwig, Skug No. 36)