Pied De Poule

1. La Valse Rieuse
2. Richi
3. La Rècital
4. Hermione
5. Ginette
6. Dèsarroi
nml/GRRR 2013 - CD 1989 - 47'50"

A CD-release for this unique fench female trio, delighting us with music which is warm and melodic, popular and intelligent, and also really modern and inventive in mixing different traditional colour with the research of unusual sounds. Popular by its instrumentation and the evidence of its melodies - sophisticated by what is done to it and by what it does to sounds and the words. The trio largely takes in consideration the different kinds of music which have influenced each of those three women: improvisation, folk music, jazz, tango, contemporary vocal .... A music that diverts the meaning of sentences and thrills over words.

Michele Buirette accordion, vocals
Genevieve Cabannes doublebass, vocals
Dominique Fonfrede vocals

"A united and coherent trio, a permanent game with and on the instruments, an explosive and successful mixture of deep musical roots which they assume with great intelligence, a musical and textual originality: such are some of the main components of the Buirette-Cabannes-Fonfrede-Trio."
(Jazz Magazine)

"But this three French females will suddenly get eerie on you-droning bass and whispered vocals that draw your eyes nervously around he room. ... The exellent lyrics, some by the likes of French author Maguerite Duras, often explore a woman's feelings about relationships, and their delivery walks a thin line between serious and demented, with occasional bursts of outright laughter."
(Scott Lewis, Option)