Moss / Otto / Schulte

1. The Day We Forgot
2. Slow Talking
3. Birthing And Breathing
4. Just Over The Edge
5. Red Shoe & Ethic
6. Kaffeeschwitz
7. Involverifi
8. Santa Ana
9. Funkadetics
10. Three Vetos
11. Hit The Spot
12. Fingerhut, Fingerhouse
13. (Whistle) Why We Work
14. Bigger With Pickles
15. A Man With His
16. Chant Ruse
17. Accuray To Wry
18. Cruelectric
19. Sexballon For Buddha With Hiccups
20. Mental Strand
21. Two Minutes Of Heaven
22. Dirigible
23. Moody Piece For Unknown Woman
nml 9118 - CD 1991 - 59'34"

A declaration to the music of noise, and to the narrative, pictorial element of free musical communication.

David Moss drums, percussion, voice, electronics
Axel Otto percussion, zither, trombone, toys, vocals
Frank Schulte synthesizer, sampler, tapes & records, vocals

"David Moss pulls out all the stops of vocal diversity and percussive ideas. Together with the electronic magician Frank Schulte and the uncontrollable (im)possible object-soundmaker Axel Otto Moss has produced over 20 delightful astounding and lovable miniatures. Full of frothy life, refreshing chubbines and charming rogishness." ( Michael Scheiner, Jazzpodium 12/1992)

"Rather jazz than anything else, but then again music from a nomansland, as suggested by the name of the label. Here one can check out that the use of records players and sampling can achieve great results which are more than mere effect." ( Martin Büsser, ZAP No. 52)