Meltable Snaps It

1. Chigger Reel
2. Crake
3. Mike Me
4. Points Blank
5. Hard Cash
6. Kissing In The Snow
7. Rugby
LP sold out
nml 8604 - LP 1986
nml 8604cd - CD 1986 - 73'53"

1986 saw the second release of the L/C/M - trio project under the name MELTABLE SNAPS IT, titled "Points Blank". The list of instruments played by the musicians is as impressive as the list of guests they invited for their second album - all (now) well-known for their uncompromising musical views and visions. The music could be globally categorized as modern improvised music, as it lacks the usual mock seriousness and has nothing to do with pure demonstration of sound research techniques. By connecting unusual and strange compositions (John Zorns "Rugby"), sharp changes of acoustic and electronic sounds, and "beats" with Christian Marclay, the trio creates a contemporary music full of discipline and humor - a music that hasn't lost any of its impact over the years.

George Cartwright saxophones,flutes,various bird and animal calls
Michael Lytle clarinets,game calls,humzoo,electronics,voice
David Moss multiple percussion and voice

with: Tom Cora cello,cello resonated objects on 2,7; Peter Kowald accoustic bass and harmonica on 4; Bill Laswell electric bass on 1,2,3,4; George Lewis trombone, toys on 2,7; Christian Marclay turntables on 6,7; John Zorn conductor on Rugby; Martin Bisi live 16 to 2 track mix down

"...this music jumps out at you; the trio throw themselves at their instruments with a reckless sense of abandon... "Meltable Snaps It" can be recommended to anyone who enjoys rude and uninhibited interplay."

"One must be ready to immerse himself into the very thought processes through which this music evolves. The effort will give the listener the most interesting displacement to another world."
(Michael Martin, Downtown Review)