Geoff Leigh / Frank Wuyts

1. Run Rabbit Run
2. Home Sweet Home
3. Negative Feedback
4. Information
5. Culture Vulture
6. Traces Of The Inner
7. Space In The Place
8. Move Around
nml 8811 - LP 1988

With 'From here to Drums', these two musicians display their extensive musical backgrounds. Leigh played with Henry Cow, Slapp Happy, Red Balune, Hatfield and the North; and Wuyts is a former member of Aksak Maboul. Suspensfully arranged, their music is somewhere between Avant-pop and experimental-rock.

Geoff Leigh vocals, saxophones, flute,keyboards, guitar, bass, drums, computer
Frank Wuyts keyboards, computer, percussion, zip

plus guest: John Van Rymenant - soprano sax on 1,7,8,sequencer on 2; Michel Berckmans - bassoon on 2,soprano sax on 1; Willem Cramer - guitar on 1,2,3; Phil Miller - guitar on 5,6; Wim Pop - guitar on 5,6; Asad Oberoi - percussion on 5,6, voice on 5; Colin McLure - bass on 5,6; Byard Lancester - alto sax on 7; Fay Arnold - backing vocals on 1; Ren Wiegmans - voice & effects on 3; Martin Van Gent - drums on 3

" Musically, one can find some relationship to early XTC, Gong and a little bit of Robert Wyatt. Wonderfully wierd pop music which seems to sometimes cross over into relaxed sessions. Slightly spaced ot, but always entertaining." (ml, H. Schmidt 3/88)