Doctor Nerve

1. Mink Shadows
2. Unna
3. It's A Tincture
4. Spy Boy
5. Spy Pie
6. Souls Of The Rich
7. Nothing You Can Do Hurt Me
8. A Hammer In His Hand
9. A God That Can Dance
10. Personnel Dept.
11. Doctor Nerve

sold out
nml 8502 - LP 1985

Doctor Nerve was founded in New York by guitarrist Nick Didkovsky.

Nick Didkovsky guitar,.nail violin,tapes
Don Davis tenor sax on 1,2,5,11
Yves Duboin soprano sax on 1,2,5,6,7,8,11
Mike Leslie bass guitar on 1,2,5,11
Michael Lytle clarinet on 1,2,5,11
Jim Mussen drums on 1,2,5,11
Marc Wagnon vibraphon on 1,2,5,11
Anne Brudevold electric violent on 6,7,8,9
Brain Farmer drums on 6,7,8,9
Joachim Litty alto sax on 6,7,8,9
Steve McLean bass guitar on 6,7,8,9
Chuck Verstraeten overtones & trombones on 6,7,8,9
Stan Micro guitar on 4
Doug Brown bass on 4
Lucian Burg sax on 41
Brain Carter drums on 4
Bill Lippencott sax on 4

" A throbbing, explosive, nervous mixture of funk and jazz with composition techniques taken from modern music. Played with verve and spontenaeity. Somwhere between the music of David Moss and the energy of James White." (Joachim Ody, Spex)