Tatsuya Yoshida

1. Joneoik mp3
2. Imciniad
3. Nakarkyhog
4. Onodu
5. Dutkanwakk
6. Nessang
7. Akasamoc
8. Ojoh
9. Ustuviagam
10. Ogatta
11. Ayho
12. Nazike
13. Amarotakt
14. Vonisch
15. Ijocuff
16. Ikusu
17. Alkkuff
18. Oydfum
19. Hokot
20. Aredstubnen
21. Ijocuff
rere 163 CD 2001 67'03

Tatsuya Yoshida electronics

A re-release of a Review Records/ No Man's Land CD from 1991. All pieces were remixed by Tatsuya Yoshida.
In addition, there are 6 exclusive bonus tracks with a playing time of 13 min.

Joachim Ody wrote in Spex in 1992: " Tatsuya Yoshida is like an unvited guest from a distant corner of the milkyway and it all reminds one, ofcourse, of the french band Magma, which isn't necessarily a bad reference." Martin Büsser remarked in ZAP that" if the word dada wasn't already so overused..., one must consider Yoshida to be the most successful musical dadaist of the 90's." Tatsuya Yoshida is no longer an unknown. His discography fills pages. His best known project is with the Ruins but Akaten, ZubiZuva, Koenjihyakkei, Korekyojin and his work with John Zorn, Tenko, Ron Anderson (the Molecules), and his newest quartett with japanese pianist Satoku Fuji attest to his musical creativity and flexibility.