Motor Totemist Guild

1. the blue lantern
2. close shot of attache case
3. stardust mobile estates
4. parachute kids
5. friendly liquors
6. hostess with whipped cream cannister
7. shocks hardware
8. exterior dilapidated shack
9. ron's barbary coast
10. strip mall with gas station and izakaya
11. nader's furniture
12. ron's barbary coast nude
13. edge of the cliff
14. hinoki
15. donut king
16. obese mice
17. town motel
18. d.j. tiki torch
19. sandy vitale dance studio
20. chapatsu girls
21. amaterasu
22. yamatonadeshiko
23. from reiko's p.o.v.

IR 01552 - CD 2000 - 73'22"
auf: Rotary Totem Records

News from Motor Totemist Guild and their bandleader James Grigsby.
“All American City” is the music from the soundtrack of the motion picture YUGAKUSEI
composed by James Grigsby and performed by:

Bridget Convey piano
Rod Poole ac. guitar
Hannes Giger bass
David Kerman drums
James Grigsby computer, samplers ...
Lynn Johnston saxes
Tom Watson feedback
Belinda Cheng air & water
Sanjay Kumar sardar
Kaori Grigsby voice
Luigi Futi sketchbook