Leonid Soybelman's

1. untitled
2. titled 1
3. titled 2
4. titled 3
5. titled 1 remix
6. intitule "passe ton chemin"
7. Titel "lauf vorbei"
8. titled 4
PM 9802 - CD 1998 - 33'35"

Some conflicting, unexpected, absurd, humorous and fascinating interpretations of Burt Bacharach´s significant composition. The inventive mind of musician and composer Leonid Soybelman (Ne Zhdali, Kletka Red) sends us on a journey into human feelings and the absurdity of love and loss.

Leonid Soybelman guitar, vocals, casio, bass, organ
Tony Buck drums & samples on 2,4,8
Joe Williamson el. & acc. Bass on 2,4,8
Adeline Rosenstein vocals, French adaption on 6
Randolph Müller vocal, text line on 7

What Ne Zhdali and Kletka Red's singer and guitarist, Leonid Soybelman, does to Bacharach is what Sid Viscious did to Sinatra. Enemies of easy- listening will appreciate Soybelman's approach which results in 8 deconstructions of the Bacharach hit 'Walk on By' (Rigobert Dittmann, Bad Alchemy No. 32)