Alfred Harth's Imperial Hoot

1. Washing-Ton Was-Nothing
2. Mystic
3. You Cannot Break Even
4. Ara Pacis
5. Awake
6. Higher Worlds
7. Loom
8. Loon
9. Consciousness Of Means
10. Pansori Noon
11. Royal Hache
12. Interzone Hoot

(auf Blue Noises)

BN 56512 - CD 2000 - 56'00''

New project by Frankfurt’s saxophon player Alfred Harth (known from the Avantgarde Rock Band ‘Cassiber’ and several other projects). The new quartet with Alfred Harth (saxes, clarinets, trumpet, vocals, game-calls), Christoph Korn (guitar, bass), Marcel Daemgen (electronics, samples) and Günter Bozem (drums) combines influences from Jazz, Avantgarde Rock and modern electronic to flowing, beat-influenced compositions.