Alfred Harth

1. hartshorn too for beat
2. vibroechon
3. verirrte kugel
4. biobjetspace
5. zero
6. placebeau
7. stereodyn
8. timezoneeyes
9. dependence day
10. mythopoiese
11. jam suf
12. theta-delta
13. eatronic
FTF 011 - CD 1998 - 70'19"

These 13 diversified tracks, partly supported by Frank Rothkamp, Elliott Sharp and Tomas Peter Fey, use techno elements, strange loops, known as well as unknown sounds, saxophone, short extracts of text... Alfred Harth creates utmost danceable, sometimes rather atmospherical moments. Noise-attacks and avantguard influences contribute towards this more than satisfying release. Nine of the tracks are remixes of Harthīs earlier pieces which arenīt available anymore.

Alfred Harth
with Frank Rothkamm on 3,6,10
Elliott Sharp & Frank Rothkamm on 5,9,13
Thomas Peter Fey on 1,2,4,7,8,11,12